Shifting to new house or renovating ?Most of the youngsters don’t want to go for typical old color themes. Baby pink has been taken over by hot pink, similarly deep red, mustard, wine, electric blue, orange, purple, indigo, forest  green and metallic shades are trending. Even if you want to keep it simple, one or two pop up elements add a style statement to the interiors. If you feel that you may get bored of seeing same bright color every day, you can change the lighting for a different effect and I am sure you are not planning to spend your whole life with same sofa or curtains. So, be bold and choose among these daring themes for different sections of your house.

Hot pink:

This one I mentioned first because I have used this in my new house . I chose Hot pink with black and white for the living room. Everybody questioned on this, but this came up very astonishing. We had to keep the back ground very subtle black and white with dash of flowers on cushions and vases. Also, the light effects added to it. It looks bright in white light and gets soother in yellow light.

Deep Red:


Again with base of black and white, red is another plucky choice. Red cushions, curtains, lamps or statues add a bold punch to modern black and white interiors. Be it the drawing room or  bedroom of newly wedded couple, this combination creates a romantic atmosphere.


Modern , rustic or contemporary , mustard can be mixed and matched in all types of interiors . Wooden flooring adds a magic to the look.  Relaxing couch or cushion of Canned furniture  , mustard comes up bright and sunny with yellow light of hanging lamps. Also, you may add a ink blue back wall for boy’s room.


Get shocked with electric blue with black and white. Dash of golden to this looks very imperial. Beauty of using blue is that a variety of blues can be used together like Navy, aqua, sky or royal. Elements of yellow go well and add vibrancy to the blue look.


Feel the nature within your house with magic of green. Blend of various greens like olive, forest , lime or sea green creates a lawn look. Indoors plants or artificial grass on walls add more freshness to it.


A vibrant orange wall or sofa can add resonance to your living room or bedroom. Rust color is another sonorous yet classy option.


Varieties of purple mixed with metallic elements creates a spell in a modern living room. Mix yellow for boys and pink flowers and butterflies for girls bedroom.


Imagine yourself relaxing on a giant wine colored leather recliner sofa… so comfortable and very royal feeling. Use this bold yet classy theme in living room or TV room. Combine wine with white walls for small spaces and wooden background for bigger areas.



Take this dare to another level by choosing multiple bright shades. Use multi-colored elements or go for one multi-colored wall with white elements .This bohemian look makes it vivid and stimulated.


Add sparkle of metal to the living room for a lavish interior. Golden sofa or table or a stylish chair makes you feel like a king or queen .