All of us are smart drinkers but there are times when one drink leads to another with some good company or some excitement or may be mixing of drinks without eating  which gets you really bad hangover. Fighting with the headache or cramps in the stomach, rolling and crawling on the bed, next  morning you try to remember the series of things happened last night.That’s the time you start calling your friends and promise not to drink again ever. Apart from the gossips with the friends, you need to drink or eat something to retrieve back. Especially when you don’t have any help around, few easy drinks and foods can really help you deal with the hangover.


First and most important …drink water to handle the dehydration. Go for fruit juices. Avoid acidic juices like orange juice if totally empty stomach.


Eat fruits. Go for easy to eat fruits like Banana, Grapes, berries if you are in the worst of conditions and not feeling like peeling or chopping even.

Coconut water:

Refreshing tender coconut water acts like magic, soothing your stomach.


Nuts are full of energy and nutrients. Handful of nuts is easy and effective option .Soaked almonds are the best way to regain energy without cholesterol. Soak them in water in advance whenever you are planning to party.

Banana Berry Smoothie:

If you are in a stage to make very little efforts, mix banana, strawberries or other berries with curd, honey and little milk in a blender. Easy to gulp and full of energy and nutrients.

Ginger lemon green tea:

Full of antioxidants, ginger lemon green tea or iced tea also helps. Dip a ready made sachet in water and sip.

Kiwi Slush:

Manage some of your energy to mash a kiwi pulp in a shaker. Mix sugar,lime juice, pinch of salt and top up with soda.



After some sips, you need something solid to absorb the alcohol. Pick a slice of bread, toast it and have it with honey or peanut butter or little jam.


Boiled eggs or scrambled eggs with salt and pepper  are totally comfortable choices to deal with the situation.


Gear a little bit up and prepare easy to cook oats. These can be placed in microwave and get ready in three minutes. Sweet or salted… go as per your tongue. Add some fruits or nuts for betterment.

Curd :

Mix curd with honey or rice or with any fruit. It acts as a good pacifier in hangover.

Go for a Spa:

One additional tip, after this just book a spa and you are ready to rock the next party.