We put best of our efforts to decorate every nook and corner of our house. Small or big, garden is an important section to be taken care. Be it chit chat in morning sunshine or gossips with sips of evening coffee or late night party under the stars, fresh breeze of garden fills magic to every moment. Here are some easy but very modish ideas to decorate the garden area.

Mix artificial:

Though we want to keep it real but there are seasons when plants shed their flowers or leaves. Instead of replacing them, we can place some artificial flowers and leaves in between which looks very natural and adds color. Pieces of artificial grass and vines on walls look graceful.

Designer Pots:

Along with the regular clay pots, place some designer colored or metallic pots. Differently shaped pots are easily available. Try different styles like small bamboos on turtle shaped pot or succulents on face shaped pots.

Vertical Garden:

Vertical gardens can provide extra space for greenery. Place iron made pot stands to create more space. Even if you just have a balcony, you may play on the walls.

Hanging Garden:

Hang some light weight pots with hanging vine or creeper to add one more dimension to the greenery. You may hang some tires along the walls with light plants or artificial bunch.

Lighten it up:

Hanging lamps over the trees or tea lights wrapped around the plants makes the night enchanting. Corner lights rising from the floor illuminates the plants wizardly.

Water body:

Embellish a corner with a water sculpture to create an effortless landscape. Sound of flowing water soothes your mind. Lot many options are available in heavy marble as well as easy to move light weight fiber.

Splash pool:

Dare to dig a small splash pool decorated with mosaic tiles. You don’t need a pool to swim but a small corner to dip your feet with some sips of beer in a summer evening. It’s not very difficult to maintain but looks luxurious.

Designer Fencing:

Use small designer fencing around flower bed on the corners or along a wall.

Fairy gardens:

Spend some time to assemble some fairy gardens. These can be placed indoor also.

Bird feeder:

Make your garden livelier with chirping of birds and colorful butterflies. Invite them by placing bird feeder or water or hanging bird houses.