Though the girls are blessed with a weapon called “just a smile” which is enough to grab attention of the person they want but at times they try being flirty and fun in different ways to be the head turner. Here are few funny tricks which most all of us have tried or seen other girls doing.

Laugh out loud:

Simplest way girls get attention of a group of guys is laughing out loud for no reasons or whispering nothing in each other ears and LOL…which guys won’t understand ever but the job is done.

Touch up :

This is an effortless and elegant way smart girls choose. They take out their lip gloss or mascara when they see a hunk around and get noticed for sure.

Skin show:

Though this is an old way to grab attention but the style of skin show keeps changing. Some prefer wearing less and some limit it with long slit of skirt or sexy back.

Dropping things down:

At times girls intentionally drop things down so that they get noticed as well as get the signal from the guy if he comes forward to pick and help.

Flaunting the brands:

Girls wear clothes and accessories with huge logos of the brands that catches the attraction easily. After all money matters.

Start posing:

Posing in front of camera is not always for getting good clicks but girls use the flashes to highlight themselves as well.

Eating n licking:

Girls use this flirty way when they are in total fun mood . They just grab a chocolate or an ice-cream and lick it in a way that the guys get amazed with wide open mouth.

Drinking and smoking:

Drinking and smoking in style or getting tipsy both are attention grabbing ways for girls. Some guys may judge you on that, but who cares …?

Driving in style:

This used to be guys tricks but girls have taken this very well. Who can ignore loud music with gang of girls overtaking the guys?

Busy on phone:

Girls use this trick by pretending they are very busy getting call from other guys or fake fight over the phone. This works because guys are really interested in the girls  other guys are interested in.

Use the pet:

All girls love their pets but why not to take an extra benefit by taking your cat or dog for drive or walk. You can always get “Awww…so cute”.

LOL… poor guys.