Happiness or sadness, hot or cold or rainy weather, clubbing or formal dinner, relaxing or on long drive,   whenever friends meet, bottle opens. Drinking has become an important course of socialization among all. People who don’t drink are often considered as “boring”. Everyone prefers to hold a glass in parties to go with the flow. This flow and fun can lead to many risks and dangers if crossed the limits or your body’s tolerance.

After escaping from few accidents, facing a series of stupid incidences and very sadly losing some friends, would like to share some tips and tricks that can help drinking responsibly and joyfully.


Whenever you are planning to drink, eat something filling an hour before. If you are going to club, food is not always available, so eating before will be good for your stomach and liver as well as this will prevent you from getting tipsy soon. Try to keep munching in between also whenever possible. Avoid too salty snacks as these make you drink more and will increase more water retention in body leading to obesity and swelling.

Always measure:

Always keep a check on quantity of alcohol in every drink as 30ml or 45ml or maximum 60ml. Flavored cocktails make you drink more , so be careful. Shots should be taken carefully. Don’t pour more alcohol to glass before the first drink finishes completely.

No mixing:

Avoid mixing of different kinds of liquors. If you are in mood of cocktails, restrict yourself to limited glasses specially the cocktails with different kinds of alcohol like LIIT. Even if you are short of drinks, don’t just drink anything available. If some day you are really in a mood to drink and finished yours, you may carefully mix the brands like one scotch with other scotch or one vodka with other vodka but never mix whiskey with vodka or rum with beer etc.

Don’t compete:

Everyone has different body and drinking capacity. Don’t get provoked and drink in competition with others. This competition won’t get you any trophy but can lead to lot many risks.

Don’t drink and drive:

Vehicle in the hands of drunken is just a weapon. We all are very much aware of the consequences of this. Calling a cab is the wisest decision but be careful if traveling alone by cab late night.

Beware of strangers:

If you are going alone to blind date or recently introduced person, try not to drink. If drinking, keep an eye on the drink. Make sure the bottle is not opened already. Go to some restaurant or lounge instead of lonely place or a hotel room. Don’t leave your drink unattended in clubs and parties.

Plan house party:

Getting besotted at public places may leave you embarrassed in many ways. But there are times you want to get sloshed, so plan a house party with your close ones instead of going out. Plan a safe stay or drop for all.

Sober one:

Though it is difficult, but try to keep one sober person with you when partying out. You may give responsibility to one person for one day in rotation to not to drink and take care of others. This will be a fun as well as very safe.

Whenever you drink, enjoy the drink and don’t let the drink enjoy you.