House parties get amplified with the people present there. Lots of gossips, music, dance, pranks, drinks and laughter create the atmosphere of a house party.  But the fun element gets doubled if some fun games are added in between. As per the guest list, host has to make some efforts to keep everybody up for the whole evening. These can be drinking games or dare games or introduction games. Here are few easy and engaging games that are definitely going to make your party lively and vivacious.

Spin the Bottle:

This can be played in multiple ways. We all know how to spin it for truth or dare .Or place different drinks in glasses and spin. Each one has to drink the glass pointed by the bottle.

Chits chat:

Make 3-3 chits each of all the drinks like whiskey, vodka, beer, tequila, water and ice. Put them in a bowl or jar and rotate among all. Each one has to pick two chits and have to take shot of the drink in their chits. Very entertaining but two rounds can make few get drunk.

Joker Shot:

Take deck of 52 cards. Put one joker card in it and distribute among all. Drop all the pairs and for the remaining, without showing the card , pick one card in rotation and match to finish all the pairs. Joker will keep rotating and in the end when all the pairs finish, one joker remains. Punish joker with any dare or a tequila shot. Very easy and becomes interesting when joker passes specially at the end.

Flip flop:

Pair up a boy and girl by choice or chits but of similar body size. Now they have to exchange their dresses. Everybody is going to roll down giggling for sure.

Party starters feast:

This is especially for those who reach early. Just sit around the door. Before the next person enters, set a dare or a drink. The moment next guest enters, offer them the dare or drink.

Shots Surprise:

Take shot glasses. Make different drinks which look similar like vodka / white rum with cranberry / other juices/tonic water or mix dark rum / whisky with apple juice /coke. In few glasses put only juices but these should look same. Rotate the shots tray among all and get surprised with who gets what. Tray can be rotated random or spin the bottle.

Cards Call:


Make a list of dares against all the numbers of playing cards. Each one has to pick a random card and has to perform task against it.

Dare to strip:

If you are with close friends, spin the bottle for a strip. Every time bottle stops at someone, that person has to take off any of their garments.

Blind Fold:

Blindfold one of you. That person has to recognize others . For every wrong guess , punish with a shot.


Know yourself:


This is kind of interactive game. Sit in a circle and each one has to tell a good and a bad thing or habit about everyone present. Can be enjoyed if everyone takes the bad things also in positive way.