Tires are no more just a part of the vehicles but can be used in many innovative ways to decorate different sections of your sweet home. With some easy tips and tricks, you can use them creatively in your living room or bedroom or outdoors. You just have to go to a tire store and negotiate for different sizes as per your requirements. Use waterproof paints with brushes or the spray paints as per your convenience.

Center table

Take a big tire. Paint it in black or white or brown as per your interiors. Apply a further coat of gold or silver. You may try other colors or wrap it with rope for a rugged look. Place a glass top on it and its ready. You may fix small readymade legs to make it easy to move and clean.

Side Table

Similarly, put one painted tire over other for a high side table.



Though you can add lot to it but the simplest way is to paint the tire, sew some ropes on inner side to create a swing and finish with a cushion for a relaxing down seating chair.


Place the painted tires in a row or pile them up (add a base of wooden board/plastic board with hole) and add soil. These trendy planters will make your garden very peppy and vivacious.

Hanging garden

Paint some small tires. Hand these to your walls with long thin yet strong rope and add one more direction to your green area. You may place artificial vines or plant natural creepers or ferns.

Garden Landscapes

Be more innovative and pile them up in different shapes like a toad or turtle or a cup to create a masterpiece for the garden.


Using a strong rope, hang tire on a strong tree branch or a hook on your balcony and enjoy sips of evening coffee or chilled beer with the swing.


Add board base to one tire and pile up 2-3 of them to create a stylish storage or bin.


Pet Bed

Put a soft cushion in the mid of a colored tire as per the size of your loving pet and the bed is ready.

Rope around

Fix a ply board and paste rope around the tire and use it as table or chair or storage with a rugged look.