Themes add an excitement and craze to house party of every occasion. This makes the guests engaged in advance. Themes can be applied on Dress code, decor or the menu. Here are few fun ideas for theme parties:

Bling Bling :

Shine and sparkles can give a radiance to your house party. Gold, Silver and metallic shades add a spark to all occasions. This can be applied on dress code as well as decor.

Floral Fresh:

Floral theme adds a freshness to the whole atmosphere. Floral clothes and accessories are trending everywhere. Also for decor, you can easily find real as well as artificial flowers.

Neon pop:

Neon dress theme goes well when done with supporting lights. These lights are easily available at all electronic stores.

Black & White:

For formal gatherings, Black & White is the perfect one. Even if party is happening at a short notice, guests can find lot many options in their wardrobes.

Beach wave:

Even if you are not at a beach, you can make beach theme easily. Cool shorts and skirts with floral mix will complete the look easily. Small artificial pools are available at toy shops which can accommodate up to 15 people. Also, seating can be arranged around these pools so that you can at least dip  your legs specially in the summers. Some extra arrangements would be required like extra towels, floor mats and close washrooms.

Animal Kingdom :

Get ready to go wild with the animal theme. Animal print clothes and accessories with feathers can be found easily at all stores. Specially the animal lovers would love these.

Head gears:

Crowns,wigs,bands, hats, caps , horns and feathered accessories are already there in each wardrobe. Or just keep it simple with flowers on your hair.


Full of colors, flowers and fringes , Hawaiian  theme can be applied to dresses as well as decor.

Lazy Pajamas :

Pajamas give you a comfort and a relaxing atmosphere. Also, Pajamas are not boring anymore. Hot short ones can rock the party.

Back to School:

Recall those fun filled school days with hot short skirts and naughty ties.

And don’t forget to punish those who are not in theme. These punishments could be as fun as 3 Tequila shots.