Nothing seems better than a house party with your friends, full of fun,  chit chats, music followed by loud music , cocktails followed by shots and gossips followed by arguments which most of us forget till morning. Arranging all this seems difficult but some these few tips can really make your party rocking.

Set a theme:


Adding themes makes everyone more engaged in your party. These themes can be applied to dress code or decor or the menu. Check out few themes at :

Make Guest list:

Making guest list will actually help to arrange seating, food , drinks and games .

Keep Music ready:

Keep the play list ready or you may ask the guests to bring music of their choice. This will save your time surfing in between the party.

Introductions :

Lot many friendships and relations start at house parties. So you might be the lucky one for them to introduce. This can be done by a small introduction session followed by question games . For example raise random question for all like your last best trip, your dream date idea, your turn on and turn offs. This ways strangers can get an idea of likes and dislikes of each other which will be helpful in running the party smooth.

Games :

Games really add a spark to house parties. These can be drinking games or simple card games. Check some fun games at :

Make rules :

If the party is expected to get wild, don’t hesitate to share issues with the guests. Like if loud music disturbs the neighborhood you should inform the neighbors in advance as well as the guests. No body would like their party to be paused by the cops. Similarly , cleanliness can be maintained by keeping small dustbins nearby. So without saying directly,  guests will understand your point. But don’t keep pointing out guests for every thing . Making few rules is fine but don’t be commanding. Everybody has their way to enjoy, and you will have to  just go with it.

Easy bites:

Plan the menu which is easy to serve. If you are ordering food lot many easy finger food options are available. If cooking yourself, select easy recipes so that you don’t miss the fun standing in kitchen. . If you are short of space, serve snacks in wine glasses, these will occupy less space on table and will look beautiful. Try these easy party recipes :

Use disposables:

Try to use more of disposable if gathering is for more than ten. This will save cleaning time as well as there will be no risk of someone getting hurt with broken glasses. These disposable are available in many good qualities which actually won’t make guests feel like they are using plastic or just a paper.

Don’t get drunk:

Being the host, you have to arrange everything from start till end. So you will have to compromise a bit by drinking in control.

Separate party corner :

This one is specially for the wild night long parties . If your furniture and decor is vulnerable , keep a separate room or area prepared and shift the party there in the later hours. You can keep some old furniture there but this area has to be clean and bit decorated.

Have a rocking house party!!!!